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Valentino K22 Rockrunner Sneakers



This beautiful Valentino K22 Rockrunner Sneaker can be the first choice for anyone. because of its color line], pattern and design you can wear them with everyday outfits or also formally to any occasion. The camouflage theme makes it the center of attention. Buy these trendiest and stylish Valentino K22 Rockrunner sneakers in Dubai from the shopping express.

Valentino K22 Rockrunner Sneakers in Dubai

These nice-looking sneakers have a little bit of camouflage pattern. This camouflage pattern makes it look so captivating. The green, blue, and brown mix of color make this shoe more appealing than any other sneaker. We are selling these Valentino K22 Rockrunner Sneakers in Dubai at reasonable prices.


The Box of the shoe also came in a camouflage theme. Inside the box, you will get an extra pair of laces and two dust bags. Now moving towards the shoe. The toe area is so smooth and made with superior quality leather. On the back of the shoe, a nice mixture of navy blue, lime green, and ivy green colors showed up. Just down the ankle, you have got a little spike design.

The outsole is black and has the Valentino logo with “made n Italy” on the bottom. The mudguard is suede material. Then the lace area is also suede with a boundary of leather. Buy Valentino K22 Rockrunner Sneakers in Dubai from here at the lowest price.
The camouflage all over the upper with green laces gives it some soldier vibes. The tongue is long and is of pure leather. the whole shoe is built with so sophistication. The stitching is fine and neat. The midsole is of tan beige color with a dark brown outsole. The blue ankle area looks so unique and prominent.

Pull off the stylish look with this Valentino K22 Rockrunner Sneakers in Dubai. We are selling at shopping express at the best prices. Material wise the shoes are so smooth and comfortable. Easy to wear and work all day long. These can be worn as formal or casual both ways.


On the tongue, we have a black patch with Valentino Garavani Branding. Then at the insole, Valentino Garavani logos look so trendy and classy. And this shoe itself is a trendsetter and a sign of Valentino Brand itself. Buy this Valentino K22 Rockrunner Sneaker in Dubai at affordable prices.