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Nike X Sacai LDV in Dubai



If you are someone who loves to try new designs and challenge fashion trends, then Sacai x Nike Pegasus Vaporefly is the right shoe model for you! No need to look anymore because these pair of shoe compliments every style

Nike X Sacai LDV in Dubai

With Green, orange, purple this sneaker is a multicolored fascinating shoe, that looks super cool and attractive while on feet. Also, these give you a trendy and catchy look. Buy Nike X Sacai LDV in Dubai now from the shopping Express. 


At the upper of the shoe at the middle part, we have a see-through green mesh that looks so elegant. Then this mesh is covered with the green suede boundary from the toe. And after that, we have a purple suede portion which leads to the outsole. This is an indescribable beautiful design pattern. 

The shoe has so much detailing in it that makes it is trendy and perfect for wear. Then on both medial and lateral sides, we have double swooshes, one swoosh is yellow and the other is orange. This multicolored eye-catching Nike X Sacai LDV in Dubai is available at the shopping express at an affordable price. 

Then moving down the shoe we have a white double midsole that extends from the heel area and gives a notable appearance to them And then a black-out sole with smooth square patterns that give you stability and perfect balance. Also, this black outsole is a little bit visible from the front of the shoe by this the shoe will be protected from scratches. The quality of the material is premium and makes it extra comfortable and reliable for everyday use.

Buy these charming and amazing Nike X Sacai LDV in Dubai in all sizes from the shopping Express Dubai. The double white tongue and the double laces, both white, look so mesmerizing over the multicolored shoe. They also give another pair of laces in black. This shoe has an amazing grip and holds on your feet. The outsole provides a proper balance to your walk and the quality of the material makes it super light and breathable.


The branding again is done in a very beautiful way. Over the double white tongue, we have Nike in black and others in blue. Then at the back, we have Nike Sacai written on the yellow plastic-like heel area. These are so eye-catching and attractive sneakers created to blow your mind.