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Nike X AMBUSH Dunk High SP in Dubai



With the release of four colorways, these are the craziest release of Nike. Every colorway will give you the trendy look you are looking for. Also the premium quality of material makes is significantly comfortable and reliable. Buy Nike X AMBUSH Dunk High SP in Dubai in all colorways from the shopping express.

Nike X AMBUSH Dunk High SP in Dubai

Ambush is a Japanese street brand, and this is the second collaboration of Nike X Ambush. The first one was in 2018. this Nike X AMBUSH Dunk High SP in Dubai is inspired by the bikes and car culture of Japan. The swoosh of the Nike is extended backward just like the bike exhaust pipes. This makes them look three-dimensional. And we can say that this is why the design of this Nike is the most unique. Nike X Ambush has different colorways. The first one is Black and white also called the standard or originals Nike X ambush, the second one is Active Fuchsia third colorway is Deep Royal and the fourth is Ambush Flash lime.

Talking about the materials, we have soft tumbled leather on the top of the shoe. The leather on the tongue of the shoe is nice and has a raw-edged look. They have used a thick-layer sheath of leather with premium quality. Nike X Ambush in Dubai will not disappoint you material-wise

Also, you will love what they have at the back of the shoe. You have an ambush written on the back of the shoe on hard plastic. Which looks like heel support and adds a nicer look. The same thing is on the collar of the shoe which gives a layered look and is new and awesome. The extra layers give a cooler look to the Nike X AMBUSH Dunk High SP in Dubai.

Black and white colorway

When talking about black and white colorway, the combination is so so perfect, with a white outsole and black midsole. The colorways look fantastic when on feet and give an outclass trendy look.

 Active Fuchsia colorway

These are surely for those who love bright colors, the combination of vivid red purplish and the definition of light and shocking pink is beyond the word.

Deep Royal colorway

This pair goes with the off white outsole and is not like the regular bright white outsole, this pair with black laces gives the luxurious look,

 Ambush flash lime colorway

The shade is in between yellow and green. The distinctive thing about this colorway is that the whole shoe is of the same lime color and the swoosh and laces are Black which can easily grab the attention when on feet