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Dior X Air Jordan 1 Low



The premium quality of gray and white leather for the construction of this pair looks so incredible. The structure and shape make it unique and also the comforts and softness of these sneakers are beyond belief. These Dior X Air Jordan 1 Low in Dubai are available at the shopping express in all sizes. we are selling these in the top best quality shop online from here.

Dior X Air Jordan 1 Low

A very beautiful, excellent, great, and impressive pair of sneakers. We are selling Dior X Air Jordan 1 Low in Dubai at the lowest prices at the shopping express. Buy them now.


A very beautiful color combination of white and gray with fine details makes the shoe perfectly outstanding. The toe box is mesh material with small holes. By this design, they are adding a breathable structure to your toe area. A fine quality of gray leather covers the outer area of the toe box and spreads to the whole shoe.

White tumbled leather on both sides makes the shoe looks magnificent. Then the Black swoosh makes it more prominent over white leather. These exceptional Dior X Air Jordan 1 Low in Dubai are available in all sizes at the shopping express.
Moving to the back of the shoe again we have gray premium leather with fine stitching details. Also, nicely padded to give a soft grip to your feet. The tongue area is white with gray piping and padded inside. The sock liner is also with a gray boundary and soft enough to give a perfect balance while walking.

If we talk about laces then the gray tape-like laces look fantastic with the sneakers. Adds on with a metal tip. But you also get extra cream color laces which are rope shaped and again with the metal lace tips. Both look great with the pair.
With the light gray and white color theme, the blue outsole gives a perfect contrast to the colorway. Buy these Dior X Air Jordan 1 Low in Dubai from the shopping express.


On white and light gray shoes the black swoosh is the main focus. Then we have a Dior Air tag on the tongue with a swoosh in the center. Which is nicely done in silver. Again you have a Dior labeled at the insole in white color. On the back of the shoe just above the heel, you have a beautiful Air Dior nicely crafted.
With all these details the shoe is above all super soft and comfortable. You can wear them for a long time without any annoyance.