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Dior B30 Sneakers in Dubai



Try these comfortable and classy sneakers to level up your personality. the material and the structure of the shoe are so incredible that can be the love of many hearts and will give a bright shine to your wardrobe. we at shopping express sell this Dior B30 Sneaker in Dubai at the lowest prices and high quality, in all colorways.

Dior B30 Sneaker in Dubai

These are so amazing sneakers and must be a part of your wardrobe. We are selling these trendiest Dior B30 Sneakers in Dubai at the lowest prices at the shopping express.


These are so a beautiful pair of sneakers and can be the favorite of anyone in just one sight. They came in five different colorways are Olive, Black, white, Line, and Beige. And believe it all of them look super iconic and classy while on feet.

These sneakers came in the box with a dust bag and an extra pair of laces in case you want to be creative with these shoes. These Dior B30 Sneakers in Dubai are available at the shopping express in all the colorways so grab your most favorite before they all sold out.

High-quality mesh and microfiber material are used in making the product. The shoe is unbelievably soft and comfortable. The shape makes it look heavy but these are unimaginably lightweight. And feels so comfortable while walking.

The ankle area is nicely padded and the outsole is made up of super flexible rubber in this way you have extra support to walk with proper balance. Then the broad toe box and wide structure of the shoe give optimum comfort.


The tongue area is so soft and made up of tumbled leather with a cushion inside to give a great grip to your ankle. The Branding of Dior B30 looks perfect. This label is on some metallic triangle-shaped patch. Then on both medial and lateral sides of the shoe, we have a CD pattern that surely represents “Christian Dior” the manufacturer. Also, we get a CD logo at the back of the shoe again.

The small details in the design and the choice of premium quality material make the shoe breathtaking. These exciting Dior B30 Sneakers in Dubai are available at the shopping express in all sizes. Grab yours at an affordable price.