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Dior B27 Low Top Sneakers in Dubai



These beautiful white and gray sneakers are so elegant and comfortable while on feet. can be used both as formal and casual routines. The quality of the material is premium. These Dior B27 Low Top Sneaker Are so comfortable and smooth. Buy them now from the shopping express.

 Dior B27 Low Top Sneakers in Dubai

This beautiful sneaker is mainly constructed in two colors. Light gray and white colors are the theme colors of this shoe. The creators of this shoe designed this shoe beautifully. We are selling these sensational  Dior B27 Low Top Sneakers in Dubai at the most affordable prices.


Most of the top of this white shoe is beautifully contrasted with gray color leather. The white toe box with small air holes is made up of premium quality leather.  Then around the toe box, you can see a gray leather pattern that spreads over the whole shoe. Believe it, this shoe is going to give a new look to your shoe wardrobe, so don’t delay and buy Dior B27 Low Top Sneaker in Dubai now.

The used material is of superior quality. The leather at the upper of the shoe is of the finest quality. The suede on the sides is so excellent.  And also the tongue area is extra soft and is made up of a fine grain of leather with a cushion inside. This will make the show unbelievably soft and comfortable.

The white midsole is so soft and feels extra comfortable while walking. You can easily wear them all day long. On both sides of the shoe, they added some jack guard pattern. This more looks like handmade embroidery. Also gives a trendy look to the shoe. Buy these aesthetically insane Dior B27 Low Top Sneakers in Dubai from the shopping express at an affordable price range.

The outsole is also very beautiful with white and brown parts and patterns. Also, The structural lines make it more stable and shockproof. The white tape-like laces are the perfect match for this sneaker.


The shoe has a typical branding. And again you have a Dior labeling on the tongue of the shoe. Branding at the back of the shoe just above the heel. Then at the outsole. But the most beautiful style of adding a logo is at midsole. Here you get the Dior logo in emerged writing. Buy Dior B27 Low Top Sneaker in Dubai right now.