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Christian Dior B25 sneaker in Dubai



The shoe is made up of high-quality suede, mesh, and leather. the theme colors are black and white makes it look so elegant. All this high-quality material makes this Christian Dior B25 sneaker In Dubai heavenly comfortable. you can wear them all day long. these are highly recommended and reliable for long time use.

Christian Dior B25 sneaker in Dubai


The shoe is built in a very beautiful and elegant black and white color combination. This black and white universal contrast makes it look so elegant and trendy. We are selling this Christian Dior B25 sneaker in Dubai at an affordable price.


This Christian Dior B25 sneaker is mostly made up of mesh and suede material. The black part of the shoe of mesh material. At the toe box, we have mesh material. Every material used is of premium quality. Makes this shoe extra comfortable and reliable.

The midsole is white and is quite a larger and prominent part of the shoe. This is made up of soft bouncy rubber that makes the shoe super comfortable. Don’t wait till it’s too late buy now Christian Dior B25 sneaker in Dubai from here.

The outsole is made up of hard plastic material. This makes it reliable for a long time also gives support while running and doing hard intensity work. On both lateral and medial sides, they added some kind of gray and white pattern. This gives an eye-catching look to this sneaker. Then we have a black boundary and soft padded ankle area. This makes the shoe beautiful as well as comfortable.

Revolutionize your look with this Christian Dior B25 sneaker in Dubai. The tongue of the shoe is white and the laces are also white. These white thin laces look so clean to this shoe. Overall these sneakers are so classy, neat, and well ordered. And in the manner of its comfort, this shoe is enough squishy and soft to give comfortable support to your feet.



Some products we buy are only because of the company or brands they belong to. Same as Dior also has a big name in the shoe industry. For branding, you can see a white Dior labeling at the white heel of this shoe. At the white tongue again a white Dior looks so perfect. Then we have a Dior branding at the insole. This time it is in black over the white insole.