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Buy a winter collection of BAPE HOODIES with shopping express Dubai at an affordable price of top quality and free home delivery, for orders and inquiries WhatsApp us. High-quality fabric and beautiful colors make this most wanted hoodie ever.


With high-quality cotton and silk material, we have these amazing hoodies popular for both men and women. These hoodies are a trend symbol among the people having fashion sense. These Bape Hoodies in Dubai are available in all colors at the shopping express.

Colors Game

We have these hoodies of the best quality. The main colors are green, purple, red, and blue camouflage versions. All colors look genuinely good and fascinating. Also, the material is amazing and flexible. These hoodies are comfortable and relaxing giving you so cozy feel. Buy these Bape Hoodies in Dubai at the best quality from the Shopping Express.
You have these BAPE hoodies available in all sizes. They come in five different sizes-small, medium, large, XL, and XXL. Then we have a high-quality smooth sip in white or black at different hoodie colors that run till the end of the hoodie cap. Also, we have grips at the end of the sleeves. All sizes of Bape Hoodies in Dubai are available at the shopping express.

These hoodies fit perfectly to your size from sleeves to the chest and tummy area everything is stitched properly and in a perfect stitching order. These feel so comfortable and also trendy. At the cap, we have some shark face patterns. The big teeth and eyes patches of the shark make the hoodie so notable and eye-catching.
Also, we have “WGM” on the side of the hoodie cap. This “WGM” means the “world gone mad” and these Bape Hoodies are also making the world mad by their colors. Fabric and comfort. Buy one Bape Hoodies in Dubai for yourself from the shopping express. We are selling these classy and comfortable hoodies at the lowest prices and at the best quality.

Quality-wise these are fantastic. You will never get them to shrink or lose even if you use them roughly or hardly. And the material is so amazing and the colors will not fade.