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Air Jordan Mid Laser Orange Sneaker in Dubai



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Air Jordan Mid Laser Orange sneaker in Dubai

The shoe is beautifully engineered in black, white, and vibrant orange color. These colors make the shoes full of life. Specially designed for those who like bright colors. Everything from the colors to the shape of the shoe and the materials used in its design is an example in itself.And if we talk about stitching, then the whole thing has been stitched so beautifully and with great sophistication. If you want to buy an Air Jordan Mid Laser Orange Sneaker in Dubai, we are selling it at a very reasonable price


The upper white part of the shoe is covered with wavy black leather. The leather is so tumbled and of premium quality. The white toe box with a black boundary makes it look like a wonder. The white midsole with a bright orange reverse swoosh looks so vibrant. The unique part of this Air Jordan Mid Laser Orange sneaker in Dubai is its orange-out sole. That’s what drives everyone to buy this sneaker.

Then we have a cushioned orange-colored boundary at the ankle area. Also a little addition of orange leather just above the swoosh. This small piece of orange on black leather dazzles the eyes.

The tongue area is so soft and comfy. Laces are standard black in color. At the heel, we get a beautiful hourglass pattern of black orange and white color. Without any doubt, this must be in your collection. Buy now Air Jordan Mid Laser Orange sneaker from Shopping express.


On the whole product, the branding is in orange color. At the lateral side of the shoe over the black leather, you have got the orange Air Jordan logo. Then at the black tongue, we have that orange “Jumpman” and “Air” logo. At the orange outsole, there is an orange Nike swoosh logo. And that the main Nike swoosh at the lateral side is also orange.

This shoe is also very comfortable to wear and is airy. Wearing it doesn’t make you feel heavy. Rather, you feel very energetic and light.