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Air Jordan 5 retro Top 3 in Dubai



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Air Jordan 5 Retro Top 3 in Dubai

This outstanding shoe is so fantastic and trendy shoe in the town. The color choice and the design, this itself is a trend now. And we are selling these trendy Air Jordan 5 Retro Top 3 in Dubai at the lowest price. Let’s quickly dive into the design.


With fire red, metallic, and grape color this is so stunning at first sight. Most of the upper of the shoe consist of a black body, and the three colors are visible somewhere for the design.

Then on both the medial and lateral sides, we have a clear white netting. The black part is pure suede that looks astonishing. And the tongue is the center of attention it is in Grape purplish color and we have black laces over it. This makes it look stunning. Anyone can be a fan of it easily. These Air Jordan 5 Retro Top 3 are available in limited quantity so buy yours before they all are sold out.

The midsole is very interesting. Because the fire red midsole has a gray metallic triangle-like design with black speckles over it. The outsole is white with orange at the midfoot. The stitching details are very fine and the addition of new buck material is making this shoe out of the world.

The sock liner is perfectly cushioned and has a smooth grip and also we have a hard black plastic at the heel area which gives it reliability. Grab your Air Jordan 5 Retro Top 3 in Dubai now.


Most of the branding is with embroidery over the shoes. A very beautiful “23” is embroidered at the side of the shoe in red. And then Nike Air with swoosh also embroidered in silver at the heel this branding is amazing. Also at the Grape purple tongue, we have a “Jumpman” in sky blue and again this too is embroidered. And at the end, we have “Jumpman” and Nike at the outsole.

Overall perfect shoes to carry with casual or formal use. Buy Air Jordan 5 Retro Top 3 from the shopping express.