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Air jordan 4 Retro SE 95 Neon in Dubai



These are the beautiful Air Jordan 4 Retro SE 95 Neon in Dubai. The gray and neon combination makes it unique and attractive. Also, the quality of the material is extraordinary. you can style them with any formal and casual outfit. And the design and structure make them the favorite of many people. Buy now from the shopping express Dubai

Air Jordan 4 Retro SE 95 Neon

This shoe has an iconic neon colorway which is without any doubt is the favorite of many people. We are selling this fascinating Air Jordan 4 Retro SE 95 Neon in Dubai at an affordable price.


At the top of the shoe, we have three different tones of gray. We have a darker, then a medium, and a light gray. The toe area and mudguard are dark grays then the center of the shoe is medium gray and the sock liner is light gray. The net on the sides and the tongue are both identical. They have a black mesh behind them with a white net in front of them.
Then on the sides, you have a light gray arm with a neon tip and a neon tip at the front of the shoe. Most of the shoe is made up of suede material with a neon air bubble. Which looks very clean and interesting. Buy Air Jordan 4 Retro SE 95 Neon in Dubai now from the shopping express.

The sock liner is white and perfectly padded. Also, the white color adds a softer touch to the gray shoes. Then the laces are rope-shaped. These laces are white and have small black dotes that look good. Then an all-black outsole with neon pods at the front and midfoot with a black “Jumpman” logo. So the shoe is complete in this way.
If we mention the comfort level then these are highly recommended for routine use as well as formal wear. They are super soft and reliable and feel smooth while walking.


A very unique neon small Nike swoosh at the side of the shoe makes it so unique. Then at the tongue, we have a tag of “Jumpman”. the different thing about this tag is it is half neon and a half gray. And at the heel, we have some plastic-like material with Nike Air with a swoosh in black color. Also, we have branding at the insole.
With all the neon touch up and finishing this shoe is a masterpiece. Buy your Air Jordan 4 Retro SE 95 Neon in Dubai from the shopping express.