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Air Jordan 3 Animal Instinct



Air Jordan 3 SE is admired for its unique colorway and especially the OG colorway assortment. The third model of Jordan offers all-new hues, including Air Jordan 3 SE Fire Red. So if you are an Air Jordan lover, this is just the pair you need to flaunt. With thee unique history and distinct features, Air Jordan 3 SE appears to be one of their kind shoes.

Air Jordan 3 Animal Instinct


From its name, we can guess that somewhere in it the characteristics of animals has added. So basically, its mudguard is completely a combination of different animals prints. This part of the shoe is made up of pure leather. It gives a look at a variety of animals from every angle. don’t wait too long and buy Air Jordan 3 Animal Instinct right away from here.

Its mudguard looks like a leopard, like a tiger, sometimes it looks like a puma and other moments look like a zebra’s skin. They have added all the animal prints so beautifully and magnificently.


The thick rope-like laces from the tongue of the shoe to the toe of the shoe give it a more wild look. The laces come in black color. The way these laces are designed for the shoe looks super compatible with the theme.

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The translucent rubber along with solid rubber at the outsole gives it more reliability. Every material is so nice and of premium quality. The black section above the mudguard is built so beautifully. The tongue area is new buck material. The liner material is satin with gives support to the sock.


Over the black body of the shoe, the branding in red color looks so fantastic. You have a ‘Jumpman’ and Jordan logo on the tongue mid at the laces in red color. Then a ‘Jumpman’ logo at the back of this shoe is made up of dark gray metal and gives it a trendy look. We have another logo of Jumpman at the insole of red color.

With all this detailing we can say that this is a shoe of great quality and is ruling over the hearts of millions. Buy Air Jordan 3 Animal Instinct in Dubai as soon as you can.