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Air jordan 13 retro flint



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Air Jordan 13 retro flint in Dubai

Amazingly vibrant and deep red with a white tongue gives a catchy look and this is how it becomes a favorite of many. Buy these Air Jordan 13 retro flint in Dubai from the shopping express. We are selling them in all sizes and at affordable prices.


That vibrant red part of the shoe is made up of 3M material giving true grace to the shoes. This 3M material is on both sides of the shoe in a way that covers the tongue area. Then the tongue is of synthetic tongue ad at first glance you get how premium the quality is.
The midsole is made up of phylon to make it more flexible and then it is covered by synthetic suede, a very high-quality suede. This is the reason for the shoe to be that most favorite. Buy Air Jordan 13 retro flint in Dubai from the shopping express before they all sold out.

Then at the outer side of the ankle area, we again have this red 3M. This time it’s just a boundary that looks cool and trendy. At the outsole, we have a high-quality black rubber with some arc-like patterns giving it so smooth catchy touch. The tongue is uncommonly long with small perforations and extends more from the ankle also. Also, at the front of the shoe, we have that black outsole finishing line. This addition to the design is really a fire to these shoes. Besides all these structural designing the quality of the material is so insane and amazing. By which this pair becomes extra comfortable and smooth.

The black outsole is a herringbone pattern and is super stable and soft. Then a carbon fiber plate at the midfoot makes it flexible. Collectively the pair is so comfortable to wear while doing a heavy task and also for everyday use.
The laces are white and tape and look good with the design and a black “Jumpman” logo on the tongue is the complete branding for this shoe. This Jumpman looks so engaging and attractive over the long white tongue. Buy these incredible Air Jordan 13 retro flint in Dubai from the shopping express.