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Air jordan 11 Retro metallic silver



The catchy glittery design makes it so beautiful and attractive and the quality of the material is the reason for its high comfort feel. Shop like never before, buy these Air Jordan 11 Retro Metallic Silver in Dubai in all sizes and at affordable prices from the shopping express.

Air Jordan 11 Retro Metallic Silver

A very insane, beautiful, and some kind of crazy shoes to buy for yourself. These white shoes with a Silver touch-up look fantastic. Buy Air Jordan 11 Retro Metallic Silver in Dubai now before they all are sold out.


The white metallic silver colorway is so unique and out of the world that everyone wants to have one for their shoe collection. The patent leather throughout the shoe looks so incredible. And then on the upper of the shoe, we have that mesh material.

And the main thing is that silver broad mudguard that spreads through the shoe. This gives a very nice and glittery effect to them. Basically, these are women’s shoes so the glittery effect goes perfect with women’s choices. But if you are a man and like them, wear them. Just buy a half size larger.

These Air Jordan 11 Retro Metallic Silver in Dubai are available in all sizes at the shopping express don’t wait too long and buy them now. Then again we have a larger rubber outsole. The quality of the rubber is so excellent and also the shoe is super lightweight.

The toe box is completely covered with silver and the tongue area is quite larger. The laces are white with silver tips and people are getting in love with how beautifully the manufacturer has extended the lace loops. These look so impressive to wear with a formal outfit.

Then if we talk about the sock liner and the tongue material they are super soft and give great comfort to your feet. The material is so premium due to which you don’t feel stress wearing them.


A very beautiful silver metallic “Jumpman” on the side of the shoe looks so magnificent. Then on the tongue again we have Jumpman in between the laces. And then a faded Jumpman on the insole. Overall the shoe is so incredible and amazing. It has some eye-catching abilities. Also unbelievably comfortable and reliable. Grab your Air Jordan 11 Retro Metallic Silver in Dubai from the shopping express.