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Air Jordan 1 Med SE Sail Light Blue in Dubai



Air Jordan 1 Med SE Sail light blue

Decorated with light colors, this shoe conveys a very soft feeling for its fans. The grayish-blue and somewhere white color gives it. The shape of this Air Jordan 1 Med SE Sail light blue in Dubai is so elegant and efficient. Just after its release it became so popular and admired. We sell these versatile Air Jordan 1 Med SE Sail light blue in Dubai at the lowest prices.


Let’s quickly get into the design first. The toe box is so solid and made up of solid leather. This gives a subtle and some kind of plastic look to the shoe. At the mudguard of the shoes, you have some suede material and premium quality leather. This gives a good look and trendy vibe to Air Jordan 1 Med SE Sail light blue.

The patchwork of greyish blue over the sufficiently strong white leather makes it tough and reliable. Over the light blue panel, they have done stitching in a slightly darker tone. This gives the shoe fine and high finishing details. The blue suede Nike swoosh makes it more like the soul of the party.
The same material is used for the heel area. The tongue is made up of fine grain of leather. The tongue of the shoe is white and super soft giving a comfortable feel to your feet.


This Air Jordan 1Med SE Sail light blue originally come with white high-quality tape-like laces. These laces give a terrifically smooth look to the shoe.
Comfort-wise these are super soft, extremely comfortable, and highly recommended to wear in both formal and informal ways. The quality of the material makes it pleasant and enjoyable when on feet. The plush leather at the toe box makes it breezy and easy to walk. This is most popular and is the hottest pick of the year go grab one for you before they get out of stock. Buy Air Jordan 1Med SE Sail light blue now from here.