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Air Jordan 1 low Travis Scott x fragment



The tumbled leather and the fine creasing over the shoe make it flaunt for everyday use. You can rock every day and anywhere just by wearing them on your feet. What are you waiting for? Buy Air Jordan 1 low Travis Scott x fragment in Dubai now from the shopping express.

Air Jordan 1 low Travis Scott x fragment in Dubai

We get the shoes that look fantastic and this will take you to the space when on your feet. Let’s quickly get into the design of the Air Jordan 1 low Travis Scott x fragment in Dubai.


At the back of the shoe, there is a ‘Cactus Jack’ Icon. And again this icon is a very nice touch to the design. If we talk about Air Jordan the material of Nike X Travis Scott in Dubai then this is of tumble leather. Which feels nicer and softer. The creasing and detailing of the shoe tell how better the quality of the leather is. And it has chocolaty bucks with a combination of an off-white outsole. So, buy them now.

Swoosh show

In the center of the toe, you get a white tumble panel which gives a nice contrast with brown. When it came to the swoosh of Nike X Travis Scott, then the black swoosh of a fine grain of the leather is something that indescribable. And also this reverse swoosh gives an awesome look on your feet. There is so much detail on the shoes that make them unique and something special. This shoe is decorated very beautifully with a variety of logos. again you can see ‘Cactus jack’ and ‘Nike’ and ‘Travis Scot’ are written at angles that do not seem inappropriate at all.

Quality of the shoe

When we talk about Nike X Travis Scott Fragment, these are incredibly high in quality. The highest beast collaboration you can ever have, the shoe has the fragment logo at the back of the left shoe. And the cactus Jack logo on the back of the right shoe. That we can say the perfect use of symmetry. The main features are an off-white outsole and white upper sole with a black swoosh and the blue outsole set everything off.

The Nike Air Force Travis Scott Cactus Jack is detailed wise the craziest shoes ever made. A wide variety of materials is used. Either it’s a super soft leather on the top or a hairy gray swig. The corduroy and canvas materials give an astonishing look The swoosh on both sides one is canvas swoosh and the other is the camel. At the heel ‘Nike’ is embroidered and the sides are enhanced with ‘cactus jack’ logos.