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Air jordan 1 low paris white in Dubai



The high quality of material and a nice colorway makes it the most wanted sneakers of the year. they are so incredible and stylish that make you look more prominent than ever before. Ae are selling these limited additions Air Jordan 1 Low Paris White in Dubai at the minimum prices buy now from the shopping express.

Air Jordan 1 Low Paris White

The wonderful release of the year. Let us talk about Air Jordan 1 Low Paris White in Dubai. As from its name, there is something related to Paris in these sneakers.


First of all the colorways are white and light gray. People are saying these are the color that resembles Paris. Because most of the buildings in Paris are made out of sandstone materials that have the same colors. We are selling these hot Air Jordan 1 Low Paris White in Dubai at the lowest prices and in all sizes. Buy them now from the shopping express Dubai.

The whole product is made up of premium quality leather, suede, and new buck. This tumbles white and gray leather makes the shoe super soft and reliable. The toe box is so fine made up of eggshell-colored leather. Then again at the back of the shoe, we get some gray heel area that looks fantastic.

The rubber outsole gives a perfect balance to your feet while walking and gives you comfort that is out of the world. Buy Air Jordan 1 Low Paris White from the shopping express before they are all sold out.
The tongue is perfectly padded and has a soft cushion thing inside. Again the quality here has not dropped. Then the sock liner has a fine grip with perfect stitching. This gives a hold to your ankle. So you can walk easily.
But one thing that can seek everyone’s attention is that Ice blue colored back which is quite attractive and makes the shoe prominent and its colorways unique. And if you want to rock your attire. Get your Air Jordan 1 Low Paris White in Dubai now.


The Nike swoosh in gray color on both sides is a perfect branding. Then at the tongue, we have a Gold Jumpman with Air written inside. At the back over the Ice gray patch, we have some kind of faded Air Jordan logo. And at the end, we have branding at the insole. All these make a perfect sneaker.