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Air Force 1 Pixel Gold chain in Dubai



Air Force 1 Pixel Gold chain in Dubai

Created for women, this shoe is very elegant and beautiful. And in the same way, a golden hue is added to this shoe keeping in view the feminine aspect. buy Air Force 1 Pixel Gold chain in Dubai


First of all, let’s talk about the material used to make this shoe. A very good type of leather is on most of the shoes. Shiny leather is added on both the medial and lateral sides of the shoe.

The outsole is so classy and made up of hard gum-like rubber. On the outsole there you get two patches of burgundy maroon color. We have one at the heel area and the other at the toe area. We are offering this Air Force 1 Pixel Gold Chain in Dubai at the shopping express at an affordable price.

The midsole is in such a way that it represents a pixel effect. That is where we get its name Air Force 1 Pixel Gold Chain. This looks very nice. The Nike swoosh on the lateral side and the tongue of the shoe both are in corduroy material. Over the plain tumbled and high-quality white leather this corduroy add-on look so elegant. Buy Air Force 1 Pixel Gold Chain now.


Most of the branding on this white Air Force 1 Pixel Gold Chain is with Gold printing or stitching. We have different logos on both shoes of the same pair. On the right shoe tongue, we have the Air Force logo and on the left tongue, there is a Nike symbol in gold. Then Same at the back of the shoe. There is both AF and Nike branding on the heel area in the Gold pastel. Then the laces are very cool very fine in white color. Gives it an extraordinary look.

Gold Nike Ankle

The thing that sets it apart from other sneakers is that they came with an anklet-like attachment with the laces of the shoe. This anklet came with a gold chain with a very solid metal Nike Gold swoosh. And here comes the whole thing that after this addition it becomes unique and distinguished from all the other sneakers.