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Adidas Future Craft 4D



Find the Adidas future craft shoes Men’s Running Shoe at Shopping Express Dubai Free delivery and returns on select orders. A sneaker that will definitely go down in the history books, the Adidas Futurecraft 4D- Black will be available in extremely limited quantities, so be sure to hit that bell icon above for release reminders on the run-up to launch, as well as an email alert as soon as these go live! Vibrant, colorful, and cool – these Adidas ZX 4000 4D sneakers are perfect for pairing with your favorite streetwear

 Adidas Future Craft 4D

With 3D technology, this Adidas Future Craft 4D in Dubai is such a ground-breaking product. The reason that this product is called 4d and not 3d is that technically its midsole is not 3d printed. But it is manufactured through digital light synthesis, the process is so unique and that is why the stock is very limited. Buy them online from the shopping express.

The entire upper is consists of one piece of prime knit construction. The prim knit is different and the feel is a lot thinner and smother. The ventilation holes over the toe are wide enough to give you some airy and breathable feel. This prim knit makes it more stretchy and lighter. Then we have flat black laces that weave directly through the prim knit. Then on the top of the tongue, we have a white Adidas printing.

Buy these Adidas Future Craft 4D in Dubai at the lowest prices and in the best quality. Then talking about the inside of the shoe, we have a black padded sock liner and this padding is almost around all the ankle area. This provides nice comfort and balance. The insole is black with “FUTURECRAFT 4D”.

3D midfoot

The midfoot is slightly tighter and pretty glossy in some sort of a light or ash green color. This midsole is pretty flexible and easy to squeeze during the walk so you can have a perfect gate. Also, the design and width vary from back to front. On the front, you have a thin midsole that enlarges towards the heel area.

Then Adidas three-stripe printed on the midfoot in light gray. A very amazingly created shoe for everyday use. And the 3d technology makes it more unique and astonishing. They make the shoe with a beautiful symmetry that every kind of foot fits perfectly and gives you nice support. Buy these eccentric Adidas Future Craft 4D in all sizes and among the best quality at the shopping express at the lowest prices.